Illustrations by Ella Frances Sanders


Ella Frances Sanders is an internationally-bestselling author and illustrator. For more of Ella Frances Sanders’s work, visit the links below: Instagram: ellafsanders Website:

Illustrations by Gareth Lucas


Gareth Lucas is a freelance illustrator and designer specializing in art for children’s books. I love the way his use of simplified shapes complements detailed artwork. For more of Gareth Lucas’ work, visit the links below: Instagram: garethlucasart Linktree: garethlucasart

Illustrations by Sam Larson


Sam Larson is a freelance artist whose work is inspired by the American West and nature. I love the way he uses muted tones paired with vibrant colors to make his work pop. For more of Sam Larson’s work, visit the links below: Instagram: samlarson Website:

Illustrations by Terry Runyan


I was lucky enough to discover today’s artist when I was gifted both a pig and cat print of her work for my birthday this year. Terry Runyan is a visual artist and creative encourager. As a creative encourager, Terry teaches several classes that help people to get creative, discover their art style, and more. I’m going to add her … Read More

Halloween Themed Illustrations by Cheyenne Barton


In the spirit of Halloween weekend, here are some whimsically spooky themed illustrations by actress and artist Cheyenne Barton. Happy Halloween everyone! For more of Cheyenne Barton’s work, visit the links below: Instagram: chey.barton Website:

Illustrations and Paintings by Helen Dardik


One day I’ll have to share a post on all of the artwork I have around my house. I think a print by Helen Dardik will be next to join the collection. 😊 Helen Dardik is an illustrator, painter, and surface pattern designer whose work is vibrant, folksy, and playful. For more of Helen Dardik’s work, visit the links below: … Read More

A Brief Tribute to the Banjo

mmcgregor005Inspiration, Portfolio

Have you ever decided you want to play the banjo so you go out and buy all the stuff but then you realize you just liked the aesthetic around banjos so you illustrate a manatee playing a banjo with his little friend instead and call it a day? …or was that just me?

International Year of Astronomy Prints by Simon Page


When I was a design student, myself and other students were asked often what artists inspired us. It didn’t take long for me to realize that “uh… van Gogh?” wasn’t an acceptable answer. In fact, I began to realize that the answer to this question was an easy way to separate who was passionate about design from who wasn’t. One … Read More

National Sleep Foundation


National Sleep Foundation These are some of the collateral pieces I've created for National Sleep Foundation, including brochures, handouts, and infographics. date 2017 - 2018 skills Graphic Design, Illustration * This work was done while working as Senior Designer at Shift Collaborative, a full-service creative agency.

2017 Holiday Card


2017 Holiday Card Illustration is an aspect of design that I enjoy doing in my free time. While many client projects require restricting personal style, illustrating is a fun outlet for just the opposite. My work in this area reveals a personal style that is whimsical and colorful. date December 2017 skills Illustration, Just For Fun