Halloween Themed Illustrations by Cheyenne Barton


In the spirit of Halloween weekend, here are some whimsically spooky themed illustrations by actress and artist Cheyenne Barton. Happy Halloween everyone! For more of Cheyenne Barton’s work, visit the links below: Instagram: chey.barton Website: cheyennebarton.com

Illustrations and Paintings by Helen Dardik


One day I’ll have to share a post on all of the artwork I have around my house. I think a print by Helen Dardik will be next to join the collection. 😊 Helen Dardik is an illustrator, painter, and surface pattern designer whose work is vibrant, folksy, and playful. For more of Helen Dardik’s work, visit the links below: … Read More

A Brief Tribute to the Banjo

mmcgregor005Inspiration, Portfolio

Have you ever decided you want to play the banjo so you go out and buy all the stuff but then you realize you just liked the aesthetic around banjos so you illustrate a manatee playing a banjo with his little friend instead and call it a day? …or was that just me?