Search Engine Optimization

How can I help people find my website?

There are several techniques referred to as search engine optimization, or SEO, that should be a part of your website’s maintenance strategy. In today’s competitive atmosphere, it’s essential to use SEO to help your website, and thus your business or organization, get noticed.

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The first 5 results on Google get 67% of all clicks.

When we work to improve your website’s SEO, we:

  1. Help the right people find your site
    In addition to getting website traffic, you want to make sure that traffic is from the right people. Using search engine optimization techniques can help you identify your target audience and provide them with the content for which they are looking.
  2. Appear higher and more frequently in search results
    If you’ve tried searching for your business only to find it buried amongst other results, your site will benefit from some search engine optimization. Adding the right content to your site in the right way can improve your website’s rankings.
  3. Increase website traffic
    At its core, the techniques surrounding search engine optimization all aim to increase traffic to your website which should then increase your business’ name recognition and sales.
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How do I know if my website is search engine optimized?

If you already have a website and want to know if it has been optimized for search engines, a website audit on search engine optimization is a great place to start. The audit will review and outline solutions for several factors including:

  • Contect Quality
  • Title, URL, and Description Text
  • Keyword Usage
  • Update Frequency
  • Page Speed
  • Website Structure
  • Google Analytics

Do you need a website SEO audit or a search engine optimized website created?

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