Abstract Embroidery by Daniela Cermenati


When I was 13, I wanted to learn to sew. I soon discovered that I didn’t really have a desire to sew, but I did have a love for collecting fabrics. Thus began a knowing appreciation for textiles and the textures and colors that create them.

2020, while many things, has also been a year for new hobbies. I’ve been trying out embroidery, which led me to discover Daniela Cermenati’s work. One thing that I like to explore as a designer is how imposing limitations can often result in creative solutions. This comes through in Daniela’s work as she creates complex textures and patterns from thread:

Abstract Embroidery by Daniela CermenatiAbstract Embroidery by Daniela CermenatiAbstract Embroidery by Daniela Cermenati

Inspired, I tried my hand at a little piece in a similar style:

The takeaway? It is as hard as it looks. 🙂


For more of Daniela’s work, visit the links below:
Instagram: danicermenati
Etsy: DaniCermenatiArt